our current knowledge

This project presents a series of essays summarizing our current knowledge about different global issues, written by people with knowledge or experience in the field. These essays are intended for the general audience, so should be useful for anyone; students, researchers, or anyone interested in finding out what we know.

This project is in the begining stage. As the project develops, essays on several topics will be presented below. As the project grows, more topics will be added.

Introduction        Purpose and background of the project.

Globalization.     What is globalization, is there globalization?

Democracy.       What is democracy, has democracy increased throughout the world?

Growth             What is economic growth, what slows growth, what helps growth?

Development     What is development, what are the main issues, is development progressing?

Poverty.            What is poverty, has poverty decreased?

Terrorism.         What is terrorism...

This project is sponsored by the  The Global Social Change Research Project
and supported by The International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication  

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Galaxy picture from the Hubble site,  http://hubblesite.org/gallery/showcase-original/
Mountainside picture from Big Bend National Park   http://www.nps.gov/bibe/photogallery/index.htm