Management Team

Gene Shackman, Ph.D.
* Team Leader. Applied Sociologist, The Global Social Change Research Project.  

Mike Sosteric, Ph.D. Sociologist and global social change advocate. Editor, Electronic Journal of Sociology. Athabasca University, Athabasca Alberta

Ya-Lin Liu, Ph.D.
* Applied Sociologist, The Global Social Change Research Project.

Xun Wang, Ph.D.. Associate Professor, Sociology/Anthropology Department, University of Wisconsin - Parkside.

* All of our work on this site was done at home, using our home computers and home time.  In out web site development and research, we do not represent or speak for any organization.

Further information about Gene Shackman, Ya-Lin Liu and Xun Wang is available at the Global Social Change Research Project bio page at

Madeline Holt, of Athabasca University, developed much of the "look" of this web site and made it look much better.


What is globalization: name of person, one sentence bio...

and so on.

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